The Philippines: Officials Propose Alternate Port in Brgy

Officials Propose Alternate Port in Brgy

For the month of December 2013, at least three vehicular accidents were reported to have occurred at the high risk “saddle”, the highest point of a mountain along the Maharlika Highway in Pintuyan area in route to Benit Ferry RORO Terminal Port in San Ricardo.

According to Pintuyan Municipal Planning Officer Moncher Bardus, the local government of Pintuyan proposes for the development of a ferry, RORO port terminal in Brgy.

Hence commuters can avoid to traverse the high risk “saddle” point in order to bring them to Mindanao area through the ferry RORO port terminal in Benit, San Ricardo, the next town,” he said.

He noted that the proposed ferry terminal port is doable since the area has been utilized by the Ital-Thai International Construction company as their base of their shipments during the construction of the Maharlika Highway in Pana-on Island years ago.


Press Release, January 6, 2014