Ghana: Conti Wins Case Against TJGEM

Conti Wins Case Against TJGEM

The US District Court Judge of Columbia, Mr Beryl A. Howell, on December 31, 2013 dismissed a case against Ghana and Conti Group that won the bid to dredge the Korle Lagoon field by TJGEM.

TJGEM, a construction company in the United States of America sued the above named individuals and entities in the District Court of Columbia in the USA for the following allegations; misappropriation of and conversion of trade secrets, common law fraud, conspiracy to defraud and racketeering and economic espionage.

In her ruling on December 31, 2013, Judge Beryl A. Howell stated that the court has no jurisdiction over the AMA being the subject matter against whom the claims have been brought and even if it does, TJGEM had destroyed its own misappropriation claim by filing unedited and complete versions of the document they claim to be trade secrets in the public domain.

She explained that, it is a well-established principle that the release of information in open court is a publication of information and, if no effort is made to limit its disclosure, operates as a waiver of any rights a party has to restrict its future use.


Press Release, January 13, 2014


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