Jizan Dredging Project Begins (Saudi Arabia)

Jizan Dredging Project Begins

The Jizan dredging and land reclamation program has officially commenced.

The contract for this USD 390 million project was signed on September 26, 2013. Together with CCCC Tianjin Dredging Co., Ltd., CCCC Fourth Harbor Engineering Co., Ltd. and other units, CHEC completed series of pre-construction preparations, such as the dispatching of large-scale ships and machines, construction of temporary campsite and technical support.

The project site is about 100km away from Jizan City and it is a port infrastructure project of Jizan Economic City. This project will include basin and channel dredging, land area reclamation by pumping filling, breakwater and revetment construction and a heavy-piece terminal and its subsidiary facilities.


Press Release, January 16, 2014