UK: MMT NetSurvey to Undertake Blakeney Overfalls Hydrographic Survey

MMT NetSurvey to Undertake Blakeney Overfalls Hydrographic Survey

MMT NetSurvey Ltd has been contracted by the Marine Coastguard Agency to undertake a hydrographic survey in the area of the Blakeney Overfalls, north of Blakeney to a point 3km north of Sheringham.

The survey vessel for the area Hydrographie Instruction no. 1447 will be MV Seabeam, working out of Great Yarmouth and Wells-next-to-Sea from Wednesday January 29th to Friday February 21st. The Seabeam is a 16.5m workboat.

The vessel will be operating a hull mounted multibeam echo sounder during this project and will be collecting bathymetry 24 hours a day. Vessels are asked to be aware and stay clear of Seabeam during their operations. Survey shapes and lights will be displayed at all times whilst surveying.

A magnetometer will be trailed behind the vessel when investigating any wrecks during the final days of the survey towards the end of the project. Also seabed samples will be collected at 5km intervals using a Van Veen grab sampler. Each sample will take 20 minutes in each location. Again this will progress at the end of the survey period, once the bathymétrie acquisition is completed.

The aim of the survey is to collect bathymetry and other information to update the Admiralty Navigation Charts, validated by the United Kingdom Hydrographie Office (UKHO) on behalf of the Marine Coastguard Agency (MCA Hydrographie Section).


Press Release, January 16, 2014

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