CHEC Nabs Ras Al-Khair Port Dredging Contract (Saudi Arabia)

CHEC Nabs Ras Al-Khair Port Dredging Contract

On January 15, CHEC won the bid for Phase 4 of extension of Ras Al-Khair Port in Saudi Arabia, with a construction period of 31 months.

Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, the project involves construction of four berths, with a front line length of 1,058 meters, construction of the north breakwater, construction of the south revetment and demolition of the east breakwater, dredging of zones like turning basin and dock basin and reclamation of zones like rear sites and the east sand dike.

As an expanded result after the success of the initial project, the project has deepened CHEC’s cooperation with the Saudi Ports Authority and consolidated its role in the Saudi Arabian construction market.


Press Release, January 27, 2014