Division of Ports Begins Second Phase of National Dredging Plan

Division of Ports Begins Second Phase of National Dredging Plan

The introduction of the new Ports Law (12.815/2013) heralded the second phase of the National Programme for Port and Waterway Dredging. The programme will be implemented by the Presidency’s Division of Ports and by the Ministry of Transportation, announced internationallawoffice.com.

In view of this task, the Special Secretariat of Ports recently conducted a public consultation on the terms of reference for maintaining the depth of the fairway and berths in the port of Santos. Now that the consultation period has ended, the secretariat plans to publish an invitation for bids, under the rules of the differentiated procurement regime.

The bidding process will cover the procurement of both the basic project and the executive project, as well as execution of the work, including all mobilisation and demobilisation and maintenance dredging in the fairway and the 59 berths, and studies.

The dredging will be conducted with the aim of adjusting the fairway and berths to the respective project depths and ensuring that the depth of the fairway is maintained at 15 metres (as related to the zero set by the Waterway and Navigation Department), offering turning basins and access to berths for a three-year period.


February 12, 2014