France: Alliés Breakwater Area to Receive New Sand

Alliés Breakwater Area to Receive New Sand

The second phase of beach replenishment in front of the Alliés breakwater at Dunkerque Port has just begun.

The contractor SODRACO was selected to complete this program, which will involve placement of nearly 1,200,000 m3 of sand. It will be accompanied by:

• the installation of windbreak nets designed, as in the dune areas, to hold the sand in place and combat the action of the wind (April 2014);

• the breakwater repair works (scheduled for 2015).

To reduce the nuisance caused by the works, officials decided to use a large dredger. This means that the entire beach fill operation will be completed in just over a month. The works to remodel the future beach will continue for approximately one month more.


Press Release, February 25, 2014