Cebu City Development Programs Involve Dredging (The Philippines)

Cebu City Development Programs Involve Dredging

An official from the Cebu City Engineering District of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH)-Region 7 said that they plan to implement some P404.2 million worth of projects in the city this year.

District Engineer Fernando Cruz said the projects include the P289.5-million concreting and widening of the Don Serging Osmeña Ave. which is under contract with WT Construction.

He added that among projects to be implemented this year are the P15-million reconstruction and rehabilitation of a damaged national road, including drainage on M.C. Briones St.; P7.6 million for Arellano Blvd.; P5 million for the arterial road on N. Bacalso Ave.; P20 million for the dredging of Subangdaku River at the boundary of Cebu City and Mandaue City; P8.19 million for flood control along Inayawan River; and P900,000 for the maintenance of Sanciangco Bridge.

Cruz also said that all preventive maintenance projects will be done at night to avoid congesting traffic.


Press Release, March 5, 2014