Rathbun Lake Workshop to Discuss Water Management Operations (USA)

Corps to Hold Public Information Workshop on Rathbun Lake Project

Regarding the Rathbun Lake Project, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will host a workshop on Wednesday, March 19, to present information regarding current water management operations and the influence of recent and anticipated future trends.

The Corps officials are planning to revise the 1980 version of the Water Regulation Manual and encourage anyone interested in learning more information about this endeavor to attend. Public comments regarding potential revisions to the Water Regulation Manual will be collected and used for the manual revision decision-making process.

The workshops will be held at the Rathbun Regional Water Association administrative office, which is located just a half mile south of the Rathbun Dam; 16166 Hwy J29, Centerville, Iowa.


Press Release, March 5, 2014