VIDEO: Governor Demonstrates Support for JAXPORT (USA)

Governor Demonstrates Support for JAXPORT

Governor Rick Scott was joined by state and local officials today to highlight the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility (ICTF) project at JAXPORT’s Dames Point Marine Terminal, which will allow ships and freight trains to transfer cargo containers efficiently, giving JAXPORT faster access to Southeast markets.

According to JAXPORT, the project is expected to create over 340 construction jobs, and 800 direct and indirect jobs over the next four decades.

Governor Scott said, “We’re committed to making Florida the trade gateway to the world. That’s why we committed funding for this project to create more than 1,000 jobs for Florida families. This project will allow the port to be more competitive and grow more volume, which will create more opportunities for families in the Jacksonville community. We continue to invest in our seaports because they are tremendous economic generators and provide jobs for Florida families.”

The ICTF project will provide on-dock rail service to JAXPORT’s North Jacksonville marine terminals.

It will facilitate the direct transfer of containers between vessels and trains, speeding up the shipment process and reducing the number of trucks on the road.

It will also decrease the cost for draying trailers and containers between the Dames Point and Blount Island Marine Terminals and shippers’ and receivers’ facilities.

Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown said, “We appreciate the Governor’s strong leadership in support of JAXPORT to make sure our city and state stay competitive in the global economy. We must build the very best port infrastructure to create more jobs and make the most of the growing business opportunities offered by international trade.”

The $30 million project is made up of both state and federal funds.

Governor Scott and FDOT have committed $20 million to the development of the ICTF while JAXPORT was awarded a $10 million TIGER Grant in 2011 from USDOT.

JAXPORT Chairman Joe York said, “Governor Scott has demonstrated many times over his support for the growth and development of our ports and infrastructure.

The construction of an ICTF is an absolute requirement for our port and region to grow competitively and to ensure we are offering the best services to our customers, and we are pleased to move forward on this project.”

The new facility, expected to be complete in late 2015, will complement existing on-dock rail facilities at the Blount Island Marine terminal and will further enhance the competitiveness of the TraPac Container Terminal at Dames Point.


Press Release, March 11, 2014