DeepOcean Wins Western HVDC Trenching Deal (UK)

DeepOcean Wins Western HVDC Trenching Deal

DeepOcean UK, a subsidiary of DeepOcean Group Holding BV, has been awarded a contract for trenching services on the Western HVDC Link project. The contract was awarded by Prysmian Group.

DeepOcean’s scope of work will include pre-lay survey, pre-lay grapnel run, post-trench survey and trenching of over 560km of HVDC cable in water depths up to 165m.

The company will utilize its PCP2 power cable plough to trench approximately 425km of cable, which will be deployed from the Go Pegasus vessel, chartered by DeepOcean. Jet Trenching of approximately 135km of cable will be performed from one of DeepOcean’s permanently mobilized trenching support vessels.

Offshore works will commence in the second half of 2014, with campaigns continuing into 2015 and through to 2016.


Press Release, March 18, 2014