Coalition of Partners to Protect Puget Sound Shoreline Area (USA)

Coalition of Partners to Protect Puget Sound Shoreline Area

DuPont’s Mayor Michael Grayum has signed two conservation agreements that are part of a collaborative effort to restore the Sequalitchew Creek Watershed.

These actions will strengthen the health of Washington State’s environment and economy,” Grayum said. “The easements ensure the shorelines and uplands we love so much will be enjoyed by our children and future generations. This is the first of many positive outcomes resulting from a very collaborative effort.”

Grayum applauded the multitude of partners working together to support the common vision of restoring this watershed.

The easements are part of a settlement agreement announced Jan. 25, 2012, that was established in partnership with the Department of Ecology, CalPortland, DuPont, and a broad-based environmental coalition.

The coalition is represented by the Nisqually Delta Association and consists of the Nisqually Delta Association, Washington Environmental Council, Anderson Island Quality of Life Committee, and the Tahoma, Black Hills and Seattle chapters of the Audubon Society.

The agreement catalyzed a cooperative planning process to help restore Sequalitchew Creek and Edmond Marsh, just upstream from Puget Sound in DuPont, while allowing CalPortland to submit a new gravel-mining proposal.

CalPortland agreed to fund the creek restoration planning process, as well as a major portion of the creek restoration.


Press Release, March 25, 2014