Boeing Presents Everett Cleanup Plan (USA)

Boeing Presents Everett Cleanup Plan

The Boeing Company will clean up contaminated soil and sediments from the site of a former shooting range at the southeastern corner of its Everett aircraft manufacturing plant, under a plan submitted to the Washington Department of Ecology.

Ecology seeks public review and comment on the proposal through April 28, 2014. The cleanup project is planned for the summer of 2014.

Boeing will excavate the contaminated soil and sediment for off-site disposal.

A final, overall cleanup plan for contamination at Boeing’s Everett plant is under development. The presently proposed project is part of an interim cleanup action that could become part of the final cleanup plan.

Ecology has determined that the project is needed to prevent a buildup of contaminated soil and sediment at nearby Lake Boeing and its surrounding wetland.


Press Release, March 27, 2014