USA: Detroit Corps Office Receives Additional $17.8 Million

Detroit Corps Office Receives Additional $17.8 Million

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District, announces additions to its fiscal year 2014 program based on the recently approved Work Plan.

This additional $17.8 million will be used in 2014 to repair breakwaters, dredge harbors and complete various projects throughout the Great Lakes.

We recognize that in this time of economic recovery we are responsible for ensuring the maximum efficient use of the dollars provided for our projects and programs. We will continue to deliver great dividends to the region and to the nation. This 2014 work plan will allow us to fund our highest-priority projects and will assist the Corps in improving the nation’s infrastructure and revitalizing the economy,” said Lt. Col. Robert Ells, district engineer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Detroit District.

The work plan came about when Congress appropriated additional funding for ongoing work in the fiscal year 2014 Energy & Water Development Appropriations Act as contained in the 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act.

The Corps developed an allocation plan, which included $46.5 million in additional funds for the entire Great Lakes, for high priority work packages based on the criteria established by Congress.

The Detroit District’s work plan increase of $17.8 million includes seven new dredging projects, four dredging projects with additional funding, and six repair, replacement, or construction projects. In addition, the work plan includes funding to initiate two navigation studies.

New dredging projects:


-Black River, Port Huron                                       $1 million

-Cheboygan Harbor                                                $610,000

-Leland Harbor                                                       $260,000

-St. Joseph Harbor                                                 $1.5 million



-Kewaunee Harbor                                              $800,000

-La Pointe Harbor                                               $190,000

-Manitowoc Harbor                                            $590,000

-Menominee, Wis./Mich.                                  $460,000


Added to dredging project funds already budgeted for fiscal year 2014

-Duluth. Minn./Superior, Wis. Harbor                               $390,000

-Grand Haven Harbor, Mich. (inner harbor)                    $330,000

-Monroe Harbor, Mich.                                                          $510,000

-Saginaw, Mich.                                                                       $700,000

Repair, replacement or construction projects

Operations and Maintenance, Hydropower, and Confined Disposal Facility repairs, repairs, management, etc.

-Detroit River, Mich.                                                          $400,000

-Port Washington Harbor, Wis.                                       $950,000

-St. Marys River, Soo Locks, Mich.                                 $5.5 million

-St. Marys River, Soo Hydropower, Mich.                    $2 million

Environmental Infrastructure

-Oakland County, Mich. (drain slope stabilization)                    $750,000

-Northeastern Minnesota (waste water treatment facilities)    $100,000


-Upper Saginaw River deepening, Mich.                            $50,000

-(Initiate Feasibility study)

-St. Clair River Compensating Works, Mich.                    $50,000

-(Initiate General Reevaluation Report)


Press Release, March 31, 2014