USA: New Grants to Boost Central Washington Watersheds Projects

New Grants to Boost Central Washington Watersheds Projects

Awards totaling $95,000 have been distributed for environmental projects that protect, restore and enhance shorelines and habitat in Central Washington.

Benefits will be felt in watersheds in Benton, Chelan, Kittitas, and Okanogan counties.

Funds are disbursed from the Terry Husseman Account, created in memory of Terry Husseman, a former division director of state Department of Ecology, to honor his past contributions in the field of environmental management.

Each Ecology region in the state has its own account and funds come from payments of penalties issued for water quality violations of the Water Pollution Control Act made in that region. These awards are based on penalty payments in Ecology’s Central Region.

Watershed projects are considered as funds become available, and target those that are local and can be completed within a reasonable time.


Press Release, April 1, 2014