EdgeTech: 6205 Bathymetry System Presented at St. John’s Harbor

6205 Bathymetry System Presented at St. John’s Harbor

EdgeTech, the leader in high resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, mapped St. John’s Harbor in record time during the recent Canadian Hydrographic Conference.

During the on-water demonstrations, EdgeTech’s recently introduced 6205 Bathymetry System collected co-registered bathymetry and side scan sonar data in less than 3 hours. The processed data created a stunning bathymetric map of the complete harbor and the “Narrows” entrance to the harbor.

Traditional multi-beams used to map the harbor previously had taken considerably more time due to their narrow swath coverage. Multi-beam systems in their design are inefficient in shallow water due to the narrow 3 to 4 times water depth coverage.

Additionally, traditional multi-beam systems do not produce true side scan sonar data nor do they operate at simultaneous dual frequencies.


Press Release, April 28, 2014