USA: Dredging Equipment Helps San Angelo Police

Dredging Equipment Helps San Angelo Police

The San Angelo Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division confirmed that the body retrieved yesterday from the Concho River is 15-year-old Daniel Perez.

Our Lake Patrol officers utilized sonar and dredging equipment throughout the search area, along with the assistance of a second boat from a support agency over a two-day period. We believe Daniel was not immediately located by the sonar and dredging equipment due to interference from a large pipeline that runs along the river,” they said.

The pipeline, which runs along the north bank of the river, is reinforced every few feet with concrete. On several occasions, the hooks from the dredging equipment became caught up on the pipeline and had to be replaced.

Perez was the was the subject of a Missing Endangered Juvenile Alert that was issued on April 29, 2014, after police received information that Perez was last seen alive and in the water near the Irving Street Bridge on April 28.


May 2, 2014