China: Tianjin Dredging Conference Begins Next Week

Tianjin Dredging Conference Begins Next Week

The China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization scheduled the 2014 China (Tianjin) International Dredging Equipment and Engineering Technology Exhibition for May 23- 25, 2014.

With the development of economic globalization, the international trade has seen rapid growth, and the number of large vessels has kept increasing. In order to improve navigation capabilities and enable berthing of large container ships and tankers, the world’s major ports are broadening and deepening their harbor basins and seaways, which will surely increase infrastructure dredging and maintenance dredging volume.

The development of the world economy has driven the construction of various seafront industrial parks, artificial islands and tourist resorts. Meanwhile, sea reclamation and coastal protection projects are also increasing.

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Dredging Today Staff, May 15, 2014