Sweden: FriGeo Establishes Important Collaboration Agreement

FriGeo Establishes Important Collaboration Agreement

FriGeo and two other specialists of freezing technology, National Nuclear Laboratory Limited (NNL) and Studsvik UK Limited, have signed a collaboration agreement regarding further development of the existing freezing technology.

“Our aim is to bring new and innovative decommission technology to the nuclear industry resulting in innovative and value adding solutions for customers across the world,” they said.

During freeze stabilization blocks of the bottom sediment are frozen below water and stabilized before being lifted. Frozen sediments are nearly as hard as concrete and the content of the frozen block, whether a contaminant or a valuable object, will stay safely embedded in the sediments while being salvaged to land.

Artificial ground freezing has been in the existence for over 100 years and is a proven method used to provide earth support for excavations in the mining and construction industry.

This collaboration is a milestone for us taking an important step into the international nuclear market,” said And Klas Dagertun, CEO at FriGeo.


Press Release, June 12, 2014