HPA to Build New Logistics Site at Steinwerder Hafen

HPA to Build New Logistics Site at Steinwerder HafenHPA to Build New Logistics Site at Steinwerder Hafen

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) takes another step in its efforts to develop the port on the inside. The new logistics site at Steinwerder Hafen will be spread over an area of 40,000 square metres.

Work on the site, which includes the filling-up of the southern section of the Steinwerder harbour basin, is expected to be completed by mid 2018. The new space is urgently needed to house modern general cargo handling facilities as the existing quay promontory is fully utilised and containers already have to be stored at several different places.

The creation of the new site offers several advantages: the improved connection of Schuppen [shed] 65 will lead to higher utilisation rates of the Port Railway siding, which in turn will relieve the pressure on general cargo operations. In future, loading will take place at just one location. Operations in this part of the port will become a lot more efficient and traffic-related emissions will be lowered.

We are delighted to be able to develop the site. That way we can cater for future general cargo trade needs and strengthen the competitive edge of the Port of Hamburg,” says Tino Klemm, Head of Finances and Real Property at the HPA.

The new site will finally allow us to increase our handling potential and optimise our operational and transport processes,” says Rainer Fabian, Managing Director at C. Steinweg.

To create the new site, the southern section of the Steinwerder Hafen harbour basin will be filled up in several stages. The filling material comes from Kreetsand, where the HPA is currently creating an intertidal shallow-water zone under a pilot project. Approximately 438,000 cubic metres of soil will be dredged to fill up the basin.

Press Release, June 20, 2014