Dredging of Hatlem Pond Completed

Dredging of the Hatlem Pond Completed

The removal of the sediment from the Hatlem Pond (Glen Arbor, MI) has been completed. Even though the dredging period was slightly longer than originally anticipated, the entire pond was successfully dredged with a single dredger.

Therefore, there will not be a need for a second dredge next spring, and the property owner can begin to restore the dredge retention area along Plowman Road.

While there were one or two incidents during the dredge when the sediment in Hatlem Creek was higher than desired, the Glen Lake Association regularly took turbidity readings (cloudiness or haziness of water due to suspended particles) several times each day to make sure sediment flows were maintained at low levels. Also, e-coli readings along the Glen Lake shoreline were taken to make sure normal levels were maintained.

The Glen Lake Association will continue with the ongoing monitoring of the water in Hatlem Creek and work with the property owner as the association makes recommendations for site restoration. The association will also be pursuing other related projects, including possible pond aeration and upstream erosion management, to reduce the buildup of sediment in the pond in the future.


Press Release, June 27, 2014