Finland: Dredger “Optimus” to Deepen Port of Pietarsaari

Dredger Optimus to Deepen Port of Pietarsaari

Wasa Dredging Ltd. from Vaasa in Finland has successfully started dredging with its new dredger “Optimus” in the Port of Pietarsaari.

Wasa Dredging has been working in most demanding marine construction work for more than 25 years and this know-how has been utilized in designing and building backhoe dredgers for their own dredging purpose. The pontoon (47 x 17 m) and the spud system of “Optimus” were built completely to Wasa Dredging design during the last 9 months.

Wasa Dredging backhoes are using Hitachi excavators. “Optimus” is equipped with a brand new Hitachi EX 3600 excavator that has 1450 kW output on the main engine. The boom and the arm are designed by Wasa Dredging. By applying innovative design techniques, the system of forces is optimized and the power is used to its maximum for penetration and lifting forces.

Dredging depth of the “short” configurations is 17 meter with a bucket size of 18-22m3 and with “long” configuration 24 meters.

In Pietarsaari, Wasa Dredging is execution two contracts: one for deepening the port where rock blasting is involved, and one for deepening and widening the channel, by removing significant volumes of hard moraine soils.

Total volume of the two contracts is exceeding 1.5 million m3, distance to the offshore dump is up to 15 kilometer.


Press Release, July 29, 2014