New Zealand: Tokomaru Bay Seawall Repaired

Tokomaru Bay Seawall Repaired

Repairs to storm-damaged sites along Tokomaru Bay’s Waima Road are now complete.

Two sites, one near the Tokomaru Bay Wharf and the other 2.5km along Waima Road, were extensively damaged during heavy rain events in July 2013.

Work at the site near the wharf included repairing the eroded bank up to the original road height, building a stabilized earth wall and installing rocks to protect the wall.

Gisborne District Council land transport manager Dave Hadfield said the work site was difficult.

“Our contractors Fulton Hogan were working in a challenging environment, which included working around tides to complete the work and at multiple levels between the road and the sea,” he said.

Extra rock was transported into the second site and placed along the seawall. Minor drainage works were required to redirect water away from the immediate work site.

Although some parts of the seawall still need repairing, these do not affect the security of the road.

Hadfield said he was pleased to see the bulk of the work successfully completed as the community had ranked seawall repairs as a top priority in its Tokomaru Bay Township Plan.

Council will continue monitoring several sites along the seawall over the next 6 months.


Press Release, August 12, 2014