Preparations Underway for Mt. Charleston Project (USA)

Preparations Underway for Mt. Charleston Project

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, has a team in place surveying the area in preparation for construction of a temporary berm and diversion channel structure along the Rainbow Subdivision in Mt. Charleston.

On Feb. 27, the State of Nevada, under Public Law 84-99, requested federal assistance and support. USACE headquarters approved the Advance Measures funding. Under the Advance Measures mandate, the Los Angeles District sent a team to inspect the site in March and has designed the structure for the neighborhood.

Procedural issues regarding the liability after the project would have been completed terminated the original project in June; however, with the cooperation agreement signed with the State of Nevada, the District is prepared to complete the structure.

Once the team completes its survey to see if any of the on-site features requires a change to the design due to the most recent flooding event, the District will continue through an accelerated review process and on to final plans and specs prior to construction. Construction on the berm and diversion channel should begin in early October.

This is the first time in approximately 14 years the District has received Advance Measures funding.

Press Release, August 29, 2014