New Container Terminal at Port Botany Officially Opened

New Container Terminal at Port Botany Officially Opened

Sydney International Container Terminals announced today the official opening of its new container terminal at Port Botany by NSW Premier, Mike Baird, recognizes the start of a major transformation of the State’s maritime international trade.

The new container terminal sits on 45 ha of reclaimed land just across from Sydney Airport and employs a high degree of automation and smart technologies.

SICTL Chief Executive Officer, Dr Stephen Gumley, says the terminal is a significant piece of freight infrastructure and a new competitor to the port to service New South Wales’ international containerized trade.

Speaking at the opening, Dr Gumley said: “This development is a landmark in development of New South Wales’ maritime trade. We are part of Hutchison Port Holdings Limited a world leader in port development and operation. We bring that know-how, experience and competitive zeal to New South Wales.”

“Port Botany will continue to be an important international gateway for many years to come. Sydney International Container Terminal is part of that future and will make a significant contribution to the Port’s development and New South Wales’ international trade.”

“Sydney International Container Terminals is the first company to bring new competition to Port Botany, one of Australia’s most important international gateway. The competition, choice and capacity we bring to the Port is delivering benefits for New South Wales’ exporters and importers, and the broader economy,” Dr Gumley said.

Phase 1 of the terminal is now complete. It has added two additional 300 meter ship berths, 15 truck-loading bays, two 300 meter rail sidings and it has increased the port’s annual handling capacity by more than 250,000 TEU. Phase 2 work has already started. It is expected to nearly double the throughput capacity of SICTL by mid-2015.

Our new intermodal terminal at Enfield will be operating before the end of this year,Dr Gumley said. “That will again deliver more competition, this time into the port-rail freight market that is largely the province of one company. It will be connected by a dedicated rail freight line to Port Botany and to the new rail siding at SICTL.”

Port Botany expansion project is one of the largest port projects undertaken in Australia in the last 30 years.


Press Release, September 3, 2014