VIDEO: Dragflow HY85B Commissioning


Dragflow S.r.l. is a world player in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment. Hereby we are bringing you an exclusive story about the commissioning of the Dragflow Dredging Pump Model HY85B in the Philippines, Caraga region, near the eastern coast of Mindanao island.

The client’s primary concern is the removal of silt sediment from the bay. The other objective is to deepen the barge dock.

“With the help from our local agent, Mr Romel Albores from Krypton Resources, we were able to deliver the necessary dredging equipment within 12 weeks. The client was able to start dredging immediately,” Dragflow said.

On our follow-up 2 weeks post-commissioning, we were informed that the first section has been completed and the crew is already moving to the second section. Going by the progress so far, our client should be able to complete the project sooner than expected. We at Dragflow are proud to be part of this project and will continue to do our best to fulfil every client project requirement.”

Project data

– Dredging depth: between 2 to 4m;

– Discharge distance: currently at 150m with plans to extend to 300m;

– Discharge capacity at 150m: estimated 550cbm per hour;

– Discharge capacity at 300m: estimated 400cbm per hour.






September 8, 2014