New Damen STu 1606 to Assist Bremenports Dredger

New Damen STu 1606 to Assist Bremenports Dredger

Bremenports, the management company for the twin German ports of Bremen and Bremenhaven, has taken delivery of its first Damen-built vessel – a Stan Tug (Stu) 1606.

Built to a proven design and delivered on time, the 16.76 tug named Albatros will be mobilized primarily in assisting maintenance dredging works at the ports.

The Albatros will carry out anchor handling duties for the bucket dredger,” informs Damen’s Sales Director for NW & S Europe, Frank de Lange. “As bucket dredgers are typically not self-propelled they are held in place with a number of anchors and can change their position by pulling on the anchors.

Due to the specific nature of the tug’s duties, Bremenports specified a slight change to the standard design. “This is a modified vessel – it has a flushed deck and a larger bow capstan that will be used to raise and lower the dredger’s anchors.

The vessel also complies with local German flag requirements.

First delivery

Our proven designs and short delivery times helped us in the technical evaluation during the European tender process,” says Mr De Lange.Our customer requested an August delivery and that is precisely what we provided. But of course, price is also an issue. By building the major part of the vessel from stock at our Changde yard in China, we kept the price at an acceptable level.

New Damen STu 1606 to Assist Bremenports Dredger

Damen Shipyards Gorinchem (the Netherlands, HQ) carried out the final modifications and installed the specific systems requested by the customer.

The Damen STu 1606, with its 16 tonne bollard pull, is a multi-functional tug that will assist Bremenports’ own bucket dredger in maintenance dredging works at the two ports in northern Germany. Also, the Albatros will perform other tasks such as the transport of personnel and materials for quay and lock maintenance works.


Press Release, September 22, 2014


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