Dredging Moves Forward on Rivers Parrett and Tone

Dredging Moves Forward on Rivers Parrett and Tone

Dredging is part of the flood action plan and the Environment Agency is progressing with a project to dredge 8 km of the Rivers Parrett and Tone.

The plan includes a range of other options for improving the area’s flood resilience in the long term, such as maintenance, land management and community and business resilience.

We have 8 gangs working. On the River Parrett there is an amphibious excavator working at the downstream extent of the dredge, and 2 floating teams,” stated Environment Agency – Wessex.

A land based excavator is working on the Moorland access track at Coates Farm. On the River Tone an amphibious excavator is working under Athelney Road Bridge and 3 land based excavators are dredging.

We have so far removed approximately 113,000m³ of silt. We have 1km of river (2km of total river bank length) left to dredge and remain on program to complete work by the end of October,” they announced.

October 6, 2014