HKV Finalist in Mississippi Delta Design Competition

HKV Finalist in Mississippi River Delta Design Competition

HKV, as member of the international collaboration initiative STUDIO MISI-ZIIBI, has been selected as one of the three finalist teams to participate in the Changing Course: Navigating the Future of the Lower Mississippi River Delta design competition.

HKV shares leadership of STUDIO MISI-ZIIBI with US-based firms H3 STUDIO (team lead) and URS. STUDIO MISI-ZIIBI is comprised of 32 carefully selected experts including Robbert de Koning Landscape Architect, Delft University of Technology, Washington University in St Louis, M.I.T., and several Louisiana-based research institutes.

Team STUDIO MISI-ZIIBI, chosen after a global search, will compete in the first phase of a design competition that seeks to develop approaches to restore the delta’s degraded ecosystem – while meeting the needs of navigation, coastal industries and the region’s unique communities and culture.

One or more teams will be selected to advance to a second phase in spring 2015 in which plans will be further refined. The final designs are intended to assist Louisiana coastal planners and engineers with developing the state’s 2017 Coastal Master Plan.

HKV’s contribution to the design tasks will focus around hydrodynamic and morphodynamic responses to design measures, as well as providing innovative engineering concepts to achieve a sustainable management of the Louisiana delta.


Press Release, October 10, 2014

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