DP World Promotes Sustainable Development

DP World Promotes Sustainable Development

DP World Chairman HE Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem has emphasized the role of public-private partnerships in promoting sustainable development and long term action at UNCTAD’s World Leaders’ Investment Summit in Geneva, attended by heads of state, government and leading executives of global companies.

Speaking at the event, themed ‘Investing in sustainable development: Vision and policy roadmap’, HE bin Sulayem illustrated the strength of public-private partnerships through DP World’s own experiences in emerging economies – attracting capital for infrastructure projects, which impact supply chains and in turn, drive trade.

DP World Chairman HE Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem said: “Although we are a business and our partnerships are with governments, we share a common desire to improve the overall economic wellbeing of the country we both serve. By committing for the long term, countries and companies achieve sustainability and prosper together.”

In this inter-connected world, sustainability in one market transcends to sustainability in all markets. Businesses need a mindset to ‘make’ sustained commitments to profitable partnerships over the long term and not to simply ‘take’ from the economies on which they can have a profound impact. That way, everyone wins.

HE bin Sulayem added that local jobs arose directly and indirectly from the economic stimulation brought about by efficient infrastructure. An example was DP World London Gateway port and logistics park development in the UK, which, once fully operational, will create 36,000 jobs in the wider area, according to a recent Oxford Economics study.

HE bin Sulayem suggested that containerization coupled with efficient port, road and rail infrastructure was a way of reducing waste: “Transporting goods by container is safer, more secure and more efficient than transporting them as bulk cargo, especially for goods such as agricultural products that may require temperature or humidity controlled conditions,” he said.

On the sidelines of the Forum, which brought together world business and political leaders, HE bin Sulayem met with HE Mehdi Jomaa, Prime Minister of Tunisia, to discuss matters of mutual interest and to further enhance the already warm relationship between Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.


Press Release, October 15, 2014