Cost Efficient Dredging Solutions from X-Subsea

Continuous improvement to X-Subsea’s services resulted in a successfully tested ‘launch & recovery’ of a Scandredge – completed in one lift including hoses, rather than several separate lifts.

The Scandredge is a standalone subsea dredger operated by customer’s divers or ROVs. This dredger effectively relocates installed rock and soil.




• Seabed preparation for installation and decomissioning of subsea installations;

• Subsea precision excavation for repairs, hot-tapping, pile cutting and inspection;

• Seabed intervention work like dredging,deburial and backfilling;

• Rock removal/relocation;

• Pipeline and cable remedial work such as deburial for maintenance ;

• Electric Multipurpose Scandredge may serve as AUX HPU for third party tooling;

• Sections of hoses with subsea quick connectors allow customized relocation distances (up to 140m).

Decades of operational experience, combined with a continuous improvement program ensures maximum safety, reliability and performance of the Scandredge, to provide a superior working environment for projects at an increased depth rating.


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