Waipa River Restoration Plans Move Forward

Waikato Regional Council is warmly welcoming up to $1.5 million in Waikato River Authority funding over three years for implementation of projects identified in the recently released Waipā Catchment Plan.

The plan is aimed at contributing to the restoration and protection of the Waipā River.

“The announcement of this proposed funding reflects the close collaboration that exists between the council and the authority,” said Waipā catchment committee chairman Alan Livingston, a regional councillor who also sits on the authority.

This funding – agreed to after going through authority selection criteria – will help make a real difference to water quality in the river and protecting land use in the catchment as well. It will enable us to get on with the work quicker than we otherwise could have.”

The Upper Mangatutu Stream Restoration project will be under taken in partnership with local landowners and the Hamilton Anglers Club and will seek to stabilize and enhance a three kilometer stretch of the Upper Mangatutu Stream for the primary objectives of improving water quality, biodiversity values and recreation along the Mangatutu Stream.

Overall, the plan sets 20-year aspirational goals for the catchment, including reducing erosion and sedimentation of the river, having productive soils, having swimmable water quality throughout the catchment, and providing good flood protection and enhanced ecological health.

The Waipā River’s major issue is poor clarity caused by sediment and it is the biggest contributor of sediment to the lower Waikato River.

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