Update on the Kari Hege Dredging Operations

For week commencing 1st December 2014, the “Kari Hege” will be engaged in dredging operations in the access channel at the Outer Harbor, announced today the Port of Wells.

Vessels entering or exiting the harbor should call the “Kari Hege” when working, on channel 12 or harbor staff if it’s not working. All prearranged dredging areas are constrained by the weather and wave heights therefore operations are subject to change on a daily basis.

The Port’s dredger, operating from Monday to Friday, will work is in the main channel between buoy number 12 and buoy number 1. “Kari Hege” works during the low water period, starting three hours after high water until three hours prior to the next high water. The dredger will manoeuvre into its dig position, or back to its mooring, approximately half an hour before or after this time.

All material removed from the channel during dredging operation is placed on the berm which is marked by the Port hand channel buoys.

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