Government Invests Big in New Flood Defenses

Homes, businesses and farmland from Lancashire to Essex will be better protected from floods by a six-year £2.3 billion flood defense program announced by the government.

This first ever long-term investment program will protect over 300,000 properties, reduce flood risk by 5% and save the economy £2.7 billion by 2021. The lifetime benefits of this investment will be even higher at over £30 billion.

With 1,400 projects within the program, local authorities will be able to plan ahead and reassure communities that flood risk is being reduced in their area. New schemes may also be added as the program progresses.

Major projects that will benefit include:

– £80 million for the Humber Estuary;

– £17 million for Tonbridge, Yalding and the surrounding communities;

– £196 million for the Thames Estuary program;

– £73 million for the Boston Barrier/Barrage;

– £42 million for the Oxford Western Conveyance;

– £47 million for the Rossall Coastal Defense Improvement.


In addition, the government has committed to spend £15.5 million in Somerset on flood defenses over the next 6 years, benefiting 7,000 properties. This includes £4.2 million on the Somerset Levels and Moors. This is part of at least £35 million committed to Somerset from this year until 2021.


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