Picture of the Day: Wilde Lake Dredging

JND Thomas Company, Inc. (JND Thomas), based out of Riverdale, California, was the main contractor for the Wilde Lake dredging project. 

During the project, approximately 11,500 m³ (15,000 cubic yards) of sediment was removed from two distinct areas within the lake—the northwestern portion of the lake where the stream enters and at a cove area at the southern tip of the lake.

Dredging operations were conducted utilizing a 203-mm (8-inch) Dredging Supply Company (DSC) hydraulic dredge.

Sediment was dewatered using a mechanical dewatering plant that consisted of shaker screens, hydrocyclones, a clarifier tank, and three-belt filter presses, which were operated simultaneously during peak production. Than it was loaded into dump trucks and hauled off site for disposal at approved landfill locations.

The total cost of construction for the Wilde Lake dredging project was approximately $1.7 million.


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