Prestigious ASCE Award Goes to Prof. Marcel Stive

For his contributions to hydraulic engineering, Prof. Marcel Stive, Delft University of Technology, has been awarded with the 2015 International Coastal Engineering award by ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers).

The Coast, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute (COPRI), a semi-autonomous institute of ASCE, chose to award Prof. Marcel “for his innovative research and educational contributions to the field of coastal engineering and for his public service to his own and other countries.”

The award will be handed out at in September during the 2015 Coastal Structures and Solutions to Coastal Disasters Joint Conference in Boston, USA.

Professor Stive is Department Head Hydraulic Engineering at Delft University of Technology and has a long experience in research and projects in the fields of hydraulic engineering, coastal morphodynamics, coastal biogeomorphology and coastal and estuarine management.

He is one of the inventors of the Sand Engine, a 128-acre artificial peninsula off the Dutch coast that has been created as an innovative way of beach nourishment.

Recently he was also awarded the biannual Coastal Award that will be presented to him at the Coastal Sediments conference in May 2015 in San Diego, USA.

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