DRAGFLOW: New Tool for Sand Extraction

In order to remove sand from seabed and allow the oil pipes maintenance, DRAGFLOW has delivered a specifically designed machine to one of the largest contractors in the oil and gas industry.

We attached 2 Hydraulic Pumps HY85 to a shell that we designed and created, to cover the pipe (diameter is approximately 1 meter). The pumps, symmetrical and reversible, are a special version of our classic HY85, that we specifically modified for increasing the performance, as our client asked. Our solution is a unique system that can be used in many different ways,” said DRAGFLOW.

The system for the sand extraction will be put on the pipes, on the seabed. It can be easily moved along the pipes, supporting the client’s needs. Once the maintenance is over, the system will put the sand back on the pipes.

This hydraulic system will be used in a project in the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan.