VIDEO: Italdraghe Introduces LARIO Dredging Pumps

Italdraghe, the long-standing Italian dredger builder, has released a video about their “LARIO™” dredging and mining pumps.

“LARIO™” ironclad pumps are known for their well-researched design, reliability, performance, strength and flexibility. All components subject to wear are manufactured from ni-hard and chromed cast iron with hardness of between 550 and 650 HB as well as from special manganese and chrome alloys.

These pumps are particularly popular thanks to their simple yet hard-wearing design. They are suitable for use on suction dredgers carrying out sea and port dredging.

In addition to driving separators, they may also be used for the long distance pumping of liquid and mineral mixtures, as well as for pumping water containing sand, gravel, salt and clay.

The wide product range includes horizontal pumps with delivery outlets of between 75 mm (3″) to 500 mm (20″) and with flow rates of between 60 and 4.000 m3/h.

At the moment these pumps are proving extremely popular in South America where they are used in gold and diamond mining applications.


Source: Italdraghe