Great Barrier Reef Future – Key Election Issue

The Great Barrier Reef is shaping as a key issue this election as members of the public go to meet with candidates to impress upon them the importance of protecting the Great Barrier Reef from over-industrialization, announced the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).

Gemma Plesman, Great Barrier Reef campaigner with AMCS, said that people have taken all sorts of simple actions including signing pledges and going to meet with their local members.

We are averaging about four meetings with candidates a day,” Ms Plesman said.

All the LNP members are refusing to meet with their local constituents, and some people feel ignored and as though these candidates don’t care what happens with the Reef.

“It’s pretty disappointing as we are worried about the Reef and the economic opportunities it provides all Queenslanders, through the tourism and fishing industries.

“The meetings are really important, as people are really worried about the impact on the Reef from dredging and dumping.

“Today we are meeting with Kate Jones in Ashgrove, and we have just heard that Shadow Federal Member for the Environment Mark Butler will also attend the meeting.

“People are really passionate about this issue and are demanding that our political representatives actually do something to fix the issue.

“They are deeply worried that taxpayers money from privatized assets is being wasted on port expansions, dredging and dumping,” concluded Ms Plesman.