CSA Wins Patent for Its MSR System

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CSA Ocean Sciences, Inc. (CSA) has been awarded a patent for a method and apparatus meant to assist in the remediation of marine sediment that has been altered as a result of an oil spill, drilling discharge or other discharges of organic compounds.

CSA’s Marine Sediment Remediation (MSR) System acts to remediate and promote the recovery of marine seabed sediments that have been subjected to excessive loading with organic compounds.

Organic loading may alter benthic communities by increasing sediment anoxia through microbial biodegradation. Instances of organic loading include the vicinity of a seafloor oil spill and around sites where drill cuttings from non-aqueous based drilling mud systems have been discharged, or other organic materials have settled to the seafloor.

Until now, the remediation of deep water sediments has been difficult, if not impossible,” stated Kevin Peterson, President and CEO of CSA. “CSA’s MSR System can be deployed from existing remotely operated vehicles and tracked trenching systems, thus substantially reducing the upfront capital cost, development time and mobilization costs to accomplish the remediation of damaged sea floor sediment, “said Mr. Peterson in a press release.

The system can be configured to address a variety of applications, understanding each situation encountered will be unique.

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