HKND Hosts EU Delegation

Mr. Bernard Li, HKND Group PR Deputy General Manager, met on February 2nd 2015, in Managua with the Delegation of the EU in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama, and to the Central American Integration System, headed by Ambassador Mr. Javier Núñez Sandomingo. 

Both side took the opportunity to exchange views on the Nicaragua Grand Canal Project.

Mr. Sandomingo said that the Delegation of the European Union has been following the progress of the project, particularly with respect to important issues such as environmental protection, land acquisition, resettlement and compensation to properties.

Mr. Li briefed Mr. Sandomingo on some of the companies from China, Australia, Europe and the United States that are working with HKND Group at the Interoceanic Canal Project, the work and efforts made by HKND for the protection of Lake Nicaragua, the ecosystem, archaeological sites considered as cultural heritage, and the respect for private property and investments in the Canal route, etc.

HKND Group reiterated its commitment to working continuously in accordance with the international best practices in all stages of the Project, based on the principles of legality, transparency and fairness.

He also explained that different modes have been designed for fair, equitable and transparent land and property acquisition and compensation along the Canal route.