Damen Builds Versatile Shoalbusters

Damen has begun work on the latest and one of the largest model yet in its popular, shallow draft Shoalbuster range.

Ordered by Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, the Shoalbuster 3512 is 35 meters in length, has a draft of 2.9 meters and GRT of 498 tonnes.

The completely new design brings a range of benefits including a larger bridge, an extensive working deck of 134mĀ² and accommodation for up to 11 personnel.

As a class, Damen Shoalbusters are exceptionally versatile, handling tasks ranging from short and longĀ distance towing to dredge support for offshore projects such as supporting the construction and maintenance of windfarms.

The new 3512 will be available for deployment wherever it is required. A bollard pull of 55 tonnes yet a draft of less the three meters will make it invaluable for heavy towage in shallow waters, as will its ability to carry up to seven (20 TEU) standard containers, facilitate diving, survey and dredging operations and much more besides.

The delivery date for the Shoalbuster 3512 is scheduled for the end of March, 2016.

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