Preparations Underway for Back Bay Dredging

Ocean City Mayor Jay Gillian will present the 2015 budget to Ocean City Council at its meeting Thursday night, February 12 at City Hall, the mayor said in his weekly address posted on the City’s website.

He also announced a few brief project updates:

– Back Bay/Lagoon Dredging: We are currently out to bid to remove material from CDF 83 so that dredging can begin on July 1, 2015,” he stated.

– Bay Avenue – 6th to 18th Streets (County Project): Concrete and drainage work is complete. Remaining paving will be undertaken when weather permits.

– North End Paving/Drainage: West Station Rd., Sindia Rd. Warwick Road, Haven Ave., North Street, First St. and adjacent alleys: Concrete work currently under construction.

– Boardwalk Replacement Project – Phase 2: Nearing completion. Railing currently being reinstalled. Should be open within two weeks weather permitting.

– North End Pump Station and Paving: Awaiting permits.