Patterson River – Shallow Depth Warning

Parks Victoria has issued a shallow depth warning to recreational boat operators following unseasonal conditions throughout January which have increased the speed of natural sand movements along the coast near the mouth of the Patterson River.

As the Local Port Manager for Port Phillip, Parks Victoria regularly monitors water depths at the entrance to the Patterson River as part of the ongoing dredging program to facilitate safe boating access to Port Phillip.

The latest survey has indicated water depths at the entrance of the Patterson River have reduced significantly in a short period of time due to conditions in Port Phillip and are very shallow. Some areas of the entrance have registered depths as low as -0.5m (chart datum),” said Parks Victoria Senior Manager Local Ports and Waterways Victor Teoh.

Vessel operators are advised to navigate with extreme caution and to always check local conditions including water depths, weather and tides before putting a vessel in the water.”

February pending suitable weather and conditions. The mouth of the Patterson River was last dredged from in December 2014.