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Picture of the Day: ‘Artemis’ in New Suez Canal

The New Suez Canal dredging program is moving ahead. The Van Oord’s self-propelled cutter suction dredger ‘Artemis’ arrived two days ago at the site and started work immediately.


VIDEO: Reuse of Dredged Materials by DEME

DEME has just released a video about the reuse of dredged materials on its two projects, namely on the river Seine, Courval in France and London, Gateway in the United Kingdom.


Custom-Made Cabin for ‘Manu Pekka’

In 2014, Merford supplied a cabin to Boskalis for its Manu Pekka dredger. In 2015, a new backhoe dredger will be installed on the ship and Merford was asked to develop an operator cabin for this crane.


Boskalis Sells De Jong

Dutch dredging and marine contractor Boskalis has sold its road maintenance company Aannemingsbedrijf De Jong en Zoon Beheer B.V. and the associated De Jong subsidiaries (De Jong) to the management and Foreman Capital.


New Suez Canal: 86 Pct of Dry Digging Completed

Mohab Mamish, the chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, stated that 86% of dry digging in the new canal has been completed, explaining that there is no influence on navigation at the Suez Canal.

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