Van Oord’s Dredger on Its Way to Kazakhstan

Wagenborg Nedlift BV, a specialist in the area of horizontal, vertical, and special transports, is currently transporting Van Oord’s new cutter suction dredger ‘Ural River’ from Nijkerk, the Netherlands, to Bautino, Kazakhstan.

The dredger consists of 14 loose items, mainly pontoons, ranging in weight from 15 till 128 tonnes (the heaviest part is the main pontoon with a weight of 128 tonnes).

The transport is challenging due to the extremely short pre-notice of about two weeks and the fact that the dredger needs to be operational in Kazakhstan by the beginning of April as part of Van Oord’s dredging projects in the Caspian Sea.

The most challenging part of the transport is without doubt the road transport from St. Petersburg to Kazakhstan over a distance of almost 3.000 km.

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