Bell Introduces A-Frame Dredger

Bell Dredging Pumps, a Dutch company highly specialized in manufacturing and engineering of dredging equipment, has developed  a new range of dredger called the Bell A-frame dredger.

This piece of equipment can be used in shallow and deep waters as well. The A-frame dredger is engineered by using the Bell Dredging Pump.

The advantage of this A-frame dredger against a standard ladder-dredger is that you are not dependent on the standard length of the ladder which is used by the ladder-dredger,” the company said.

The A-frame dredger can dredge to a depth of 45m and can be used in shallow waterways with a minimum depth of 1.5-2m.

The Bell A-frame dredger is designed for easy transport of the A-frame dredger worldwide. This is achieved by building the complete A-frame dredger by means of container modules which can be transported by a container ship. The dredger can be mobilized in a very short time.

The A-frame platform is mounted at the front of the A-frame dredger. The winch is placed in a frame. This winch can lower and lift the dredging pump in and out of the water.

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