Kiasma HDPE Pipes for New Suez Canal Project

Kiasma, a company involved in research and development of thermoplastic material (HDPE), has been selected as a supplier of the discharge floating pipes for the New Suez Canal Project.

The HDPE pipes that will be used for dredging of the Suez Canal have been produced by Kiasma in cooperation with Deriplast (K & D Dredging).

Suez Canal Authority (SCA) decided to use the HDPE pipes because of their lightness, flexibility and roughness. Thanks to the KFC System technology, the pipeline will be able to contain the abrasion of the discharge pipes walls caused by a very aggressive mixture of rock and sand that is being dredged from the Suez Canal seabed.

Dozens of workers and two dedicated production lines were engaged in the project including the company’s Research and Development department, laboratory engineers, production managers and quality control inspectors of the Suez Canal Authority.

Some 70 flat rack containers are already on their way to the Port Said where they will be redistributed prior to good use.

Kiasma HDPE Pipes

The New Suez Canal dredging program, expanding the existing Suez Canal between the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, is part of the Suez Canal mega project. The project includes development of several seaports in three governorates bordering the canal, Suez, Ismailia and Port Said, in addition to a seaport in the South Sinai city of Nuweiba and the development of Sharm Al-Sheikh airport.