Picture of the Day: River Avon Cleanup

The River Avon cleanup program in Bath is currently underway. The Environment Agency is removing abandoned cars and up to 150 shopping trolleys from the riverbed in the center of the city.

The abandoned vehicles and other objects were identified by the Environment Agency during a recent survey of the city’s flood defenses. They have to be removed because they are a hazard to navigation and reduce the effectiveness of the local flood alleviation scheme.

Matthew Symonds, boating liaison manager at the Canal & River Trust, said: “Navigation can be tricky along the River Avon, and no wonder given the amount of stuff that’s down there. Whether they’re items that have been stolen and dumped, or have accidentally made their way into the river, this kind of mindless activity costs a fortune to put right and spoils a beauty spot for everyone else.”

The work has been timed to minimize the cost. By using the same contractor brought in to remove the Destructor Bridge as part of a new riverside development, the Environment Agency has been able to achieve significant savings and efficiencies.

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