Poortown Site – Best Solution for Marina Silt

The Isle of Man Government reiterated yesterday its belief that the specially-engineered site at Poortown Quarry provides a safe, practical and controlled solution for the temporary storage of the build-up of silt that is threatening the closure of Peel marina.

Professional advice had warned that dumping large quantities of the dredged silt at sea over a short period could damage the marine environment and potentially result in a risk to public health, the government stated in a press release.

After detailed analysis of several land-based options, the Departments of Infrastructure and Environment, Food and Agriculture have worked in partnership to create a temporary storage facility at Poortown. This approach has been based on compelling human health, economic, reputational and environmental grounds.

Dredging started this week and silt is being transferred from Peel harbor to a bunded pit, which is lined with an impervious membrane. The run-off passes through a bank of settlement lagoons to remove any suspended solids.

The storage site and run-off will be carefully monitored to ensure that the measures taken to control the risk of adverse impact on the surrounding environment are working well.

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